ATHENS SECURITY S.A. was founded in 2001 as a Partnership company active in security service supply in public and private works (guarding, patrols, electronic surveillance systems CCTV, fire detection, fire safety, access control systems etc.) Since 2003 it has been working as an S.A with a three-member board of directors, legal department and financial service. Our company holds a License of Operation, a Uniform License approved by the Ministry of National Defense and Radio-net License with a permitted range covering all Greece. We are also certified for our services according to the European standard ISO 9001:2000.

During the pre-Olympic period the company was intensely active in guarding and protecting Olympic sites (Olympic Calatrava Stadium, Olympic Swimming facilities, Olympic Bicycle Track, Olympic Village, Amarousio Press Village, Pallini Press Village, Wrestling facilities, Radio -Television Olympic Centre), and other support projects for the Olympics such as the suburban train line, cooperating with some of the largest construction companies in the country AKTOR, TECHNODOMIKI, MOHLOS, PANTECHNIKI, LAMDA, TERNA, ALPINE, EMPEDOS). We also extended our services to guarding and surveying projects of wider demands such as shopping malls, standard housing estates, sports facilities, theatres, concerts, exhibitions, municipality festivities, private clinics, etc.

ATHENS SECURITY S.A. takes part in state contests and private contests regarding security services supply with notable success.

Athens Security’s S.A main operating and organizational characteristics are:

-The especially selected and thoroughly trained security staff (permanent staff and reserves).
-The strict rules for internal operation followed without exceptions.
-The constant improvement and renewal of our technological equipment.
-The constant inspection of our security staff by the company’s supervisors.
-The continuous contact between the company’s managers and clients receiving our services, for the prompt response to any potential problems in the spaces under guard.
-The constant adjustment of our services according to our clients’ needs.