ATHENS SECURITY S.A. takes part in state contests and private contests regarding security services supply with notable success.

Athens Security’s S.A main operating and organizational characteristics are:

-The especially selected and thoroughly trained security staff (permanent staff and reserves).
-The strict rules for internal operation followed without exceptions.
-The constant improvement and renewal of our technological equipment.
-The constant inspection of our security staff by the company’s supervisors.
-The continuous contact between the company’s managers and clients receiving our services, for the prompt response to any potential problems in the spaces under guard.
-The constant adjustment of our services according to our clients’ needs.
ATHENS SECURITY S.A. was the result of the long and wide experience of two executives in the Greek Police Force, Dimitrios Kousaxidis and Ioannis Giannopoulos, Major Generals (retired), who have served for many years in key combat and staff positions. Their experience guarantees our services’ efficiency, performance and result. The company’s operation, staff selection for the supplied services and its efficiency can be attributed to the supervision and guidance of the above mentioned persons, who act today as case-by-case advisors.

The executives have been selected from the wider field of security services supply, based on managerial qualities, experience and special knowledge on their field of responsibility. The security staff selection is carried out by a committee of executives, following a detailed study and research, in three level interviews and the C.V. they submit.